Liberty Clinic - May 10th * FULL


Happy Horse Happy Life Liberty

May 10th * 9am - 4:30pm

West Meadow Farm, Bradford, NH

#1. What is the Secret of Liberty

"When I think of Liberty, I think of freedom and connection…

The freedom for your horse to choose to connect with you… or not!" -Linda Parelli

The classic mistake people make when going into the round corral is they think about running the horse around in circles. And then others run around with their horse and do tricks and jumps... and all that is fun and impressive... unless your horse is not connected with you. You don't want the horse to stay with you because he is being obedient and disciplined, you want the horse to be 'with' you, connected and focused on the same things as you!

That's when liberty becomes really magical. There is no better feeling than when your horse looks at you - really looks at you - is mentally engaged and enthusiastic.

So what is the goal? CONNECTION!

In this clinic the participants will be working on getting a connection with their horse where its YOUR HORSES IDEA to be with you. We will be working on Linda Parelli's Liberty series. Participants will also get a chance to play with Sandy's horses, focusing on their own body awareness and how to direct energy.

Max: 8 Participants. Lunch Included. 

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