Private Lessons

Are you looking for one on one time to learn? Stay for an hour, a weekend or a week! We an indoor, fields, river and trails. Sandy also travels! 

Sandy enjoys helping the human understand their horse better as well as helping them learn the skills to become a horseman.Sandy's goal to help people understand their horse, why they do what they do and how to get your idea to become their idea. She also will help you with your rope handling skills. If you don't have a horse or can't haul your horse to her location, she is willing to teach using her own personal horses. Often times, if the participant is willing, Sandy will film the highlights of the lesson for you to remember what you had covered. 


Lesson Cost: $100/hour per person. $75/hour per person if more then 1 person.


Horse Rent Fee (If applies): $25 


Travel: Sandy also does travel if time allows, at the $100/hour.


Resent Horsemanship Lessons


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