Pure Focus Sessions

Pure Focus Sessions

Ten Personalized Sessions of Pure Focus



OPEN ENROLLMENT HAS STARTED!! This is the year to commit to your horse! Find out who you have to become so your horse WANTS to be with you. Find out who you have to be become for your horse to be the willing partner you dream about. This is a journey, no quick fixes here. Hard work and dedication are required, however the skills you learn you will be able to apply to any horse, anywhere, any time.

I’m offering the opportunity for you to feel what it’s like to connect to a variety of horses in addition to your own horse. There are no “lesson” horses here, but horses that give you instant feedback on where you can improve yourself. Then you can apply what you learned to your own horse.

We are offering 3 ways to devote yourself to being the best you can for your horse

10 Days in a Row

2 - 5 Days in a Row

3 - 3 & 4 Days in a Row

Each with a total of 10 sessions. There will be no time limit on the sessions, your session could be 1 hour or 5 hours, everyone learns at a different pace. Some of the time you might be one on one, but there might be times when committed rider times overlap, giving you more opportunities to grow your skills. Before each session, you will be given a video link to prepare for that lesson and after each session, you’ll be given homework to work on, giving you the opportunity to build on what you learned for the next session.


The total cost of the 10 sessions, bringing one horse,is $3000. No hidden fees. No stall fees. No trailer in fees. No horse/tack rental fees.


Contact me for a no obligation, Free Consultation - 603-558-4155 or Email: WestMeadowFarmNH@gmail.com  

Session dates are available from April 1st to Sept 1st. 

Who will benefit the most from these 10 Sessions? 


15 Reasons Why You Need This PURE FOCUS Opportunity 

1.     Develop a Stronger Connection with your Horse
2.     Wake up with Passion and Purpose
3.     Focused Horse Time
4.     Practice Situations to Build Muscle Memory
5.     Get Motivated!
6.     Gain Confidence, Clarity, and Trust in your Abilities
7.     Get Inspired!
8.     Fun ideas, You’ll LOVE!
9.     A Productive & Safe Learning Environment for Horses and Humans
10.   Develop Confidence in Both You and Your Horse
11.   Improve your Timing and Communication
12.   Learn How to Release the Fear of Judgement.
13.   Unleash the Most Powerful Version of Yourself
14.   Create a Clear Plan of Action
15.   Feel like a Kid Again!


“I have participated in a number of West Meadow Farm clinics over the past several years on a variety of horses at different levels. Sandy and George go to great lengths to provide a fun, safe learning environment on their beautiful property. Their clinics are designed to challenge riders at any age or experience while also meeting them at their current limits. Sandy's teaching is rooted in the methodology of Linda Parelli but is applicable to anyone, no matter what your background in natural horsemanship is. Clinics focus on the various obstacles challenging your horse (do they need more confidence? Are they struggling to stay straight?) but each workshop is designed to be FUN for both horse and rider. Sandy and George have a great sense of humor and clearly care about the safety and happiness of their guests, two-legged or four. You're in good hands riding with them.” -Morgan



How do I sign up?  "Order" the 10 sessions, by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page. Once I have your information, I will contact you for a Free Consultation.

Can I bring a 2nd horse? Yes. However, the 2nd horse will have a $25/day fee if staying overnight. Hay and shavings are included.

Can I bring my spouse? Yes. Maybe he/she would like to also sign up.

What do you have for fences? All our fences are two strands of electric fence. Plus, a round Pen.

Do I have to clean my paddock/stall daily? Yes, we do our best to keep the manure away from the barn to keep down on flies.

Do you have stalls available? Yes. You’ll have your own stall while you’re here.

Can I stay in my trailer/camper? Yes. We also have plug ins for power.

Do I have to wear a helmet? It’s completely up to you. It’s not a requirement.

Where do I put my tack? We have a guest tack area that your welcome use.

Are dogs allowed? Unfortunately, we have a no dog policy.

Do you have a cancellation policy? Yes. I completely understand things can happen. If you cancel more than 30 days before your check-in date, you’ll get a full refund. Less than 30 days, your payment is transferable, but non-refundable.

Can I leave a deposit to hold my spot? Yes. Bookings at West Meadow Farm require 50% of the total amount due upon booking. The balance is due 30 days prior to arrival.

Do I sign a Liability Waiver? Due to the risks of equine sports, we require that all guests sign a Waiver of Liability. The waiver will be sent to you prior to your arrival.

Can I let my horse graze on the Lawn? West Meadow Farm has about 20 acres and it takes a lot of love to maintain. You’re welcome to hand graze your horse on the barn/paddock side of the driveway or in the fields.

Can I stay longer than 10 days or do more than 10 sessions? Absolutely! This is a great idea to stay on track with your progression.

Do I have to stay on site with my horse or go exploring during the day? Oftentimes, we need a mental break. There are many great hiking trails very close by. The Bradford Bog Trail is less than 5 miles away & Mt Sunapee is less than 15 miles away. They have lots of activities including an Aerial Challenge Course and across the road is Sunapee Beach, a great way to relax by the water.

What does my horse need for shots? Rabies and current Coggins test within the year.

Can we earn saddle charms while we are at the farm? Yes! There are many charms you can earn! Riding to the lookout, cantering a lap in the field, riding through the river & more!