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The Goal of this team is Horsemanship, Harmony, Purpose, Agility and FUN!

The challenges are a guide to celebrate your strengths while improving on your weaknesses on the road to Harmony!


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Learn more about the International Mountain Trail Challenge Association

What is IMTCA? International Mountain Trail Challenge Association is an association to promote a new equine discipline called Mountain Trail.  

What is Mountain Trail? Mountain trail is a fun discipline started for the recreational rider which involves navigating through manmade and natural trail obstacles such as bridges, balance beams, rock patches, water crossings, up and down hills and much more.

Who can compete? Anyone can compete with any breed of horse, mule, donkey, pony, and any style of riding. Minimum age is 6.

What type of tack: English, Western, other? Any type of saddle and associated tack is acceptable as long as it is safe and in good repair.  

What do I wear? Dress neat and clean but no bling, dress as if you are going on a trail ride or hack with friends.  Clothing should match riding discipline.

Are there levels? The discipline is made up of three levels plus Novice.  Novice is the introductory level and is navigated at a walk only with no difficult maneuvers like 180 deg and 360 deg turns.  In level 1 everything is at a walk similar to Novice but with a little more challenge. At level 2 a trot or gait is picked up between obstacles, though mainly a walk class, 180 deg and 360 deg turns may be added to the obstacles.  In level 3, building on Level 2 options, will add to the pattern a canter/lope between obstacles and transition to a walk at and through the obstacle.  In each level the required maneuvers become more challenging, Novice being the easiest.

Are there patterns to ride? Yes, the challenges/shows will have patterns.  Each course is different so patterns vary but the maneuvers remain the same.

Obstacle Layout at Mountain Lane Farm