Team West Meadow Obstacle Practice/Clinic * Saturdays Group * FULL


Team West Meadow Obstacle Practice/Clinic

1 of 5 * May 18th

2 of 5 * June 15th

3 of 5 * July 20th

4 of 5 * August 24th

5 of 5 * Sept 21st

9am to 4:30pm

Are you looking for creative ways to challenge your horse?
Would you like to increase your horse’s confidence?
Would you like to teach your horse to become a better learner?
Would you like to help your horse trust you as a leader?
If the answer is YES then join me in this 5 part - 1 day Clinic Series!
This is a one day clinic where you will learn how to
* Teach your horse the goal
* Improve your leadership with a purpose
* Recognize the smallest try
* Score and evaluate your progress
* Navigate obstacles on the ground and in the saddle
* Be efficient with your time while preserving your horse’s confidence
* Develop your creativity
* Have fun in teams