Mini Clinics & Lessons with Sandy

Mini Clinics & Lessons with Sandy

Sandy is available for clinics, one on one lessons or group lessons. Truck-ins are always welcome, stay for an hour, a weekend or a week! Have access to the indoor, fields, river and trails. Sandy also travels! If you are having issues with trailer loading, picking up feet, if would like help on your property or would like to host a clinic. Sandy enjoys helping the human understand their horse better as well as helping them learn the skills to become a horseman.

Sandy teaches with a fun and very informative style. Clinics range from basic ground and riding skills to putting it to a purpose using obstacles, cattle and on the trail.  These clinics build a strong foundation and create a willing partner for any discipline. Sandy follows the Parelli Natural Horsemanship program. She also pulls in experience from riding with Dave Ellis, Glenn Stewart, Martin Black & Tom Curtin. The reason participants become so good with horses and so confident, is because they learn the basis of horsemanship, which is to understand the habits and skills required to create the ultimate partnership between horse and rider.

Clinics costs at West Meadow Farm vary per topic.

Hourly Lesson Rate: $100/hour

Travel Rate: $75/hour. Counting to and from address.

Offsite Clinic Rate: $1200/day plus travel & meals.

Cattle Rental for a clinic with Sandy: $800/day ($100/head plus $100 travel)



Credits: The knowledge I have gained on my journey has been taken from, Linda Parelli, Dave Ellis, Jody Grimm, Glenn Stewart, Tom Curtin, Martin Black & Joe Wolter. Please go to their sites to learn more about them and their teachings. -Sandy Hodskins