Two Day Cattle/Trail Clinic - Oct. 2nd & 3rd

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This 2 day clinic is for riders who want to hone their horsemanship skills and refine their relationship with their horses while working cattle and out on the trail. It is a real job for the horse to do, and a horse knows the difference between a real job and simply making up things to do in an arena. The rider will start to learn how to "read" cattle and  where to position himself in order to influence the cow to do whatever the rider wants it to do. A priority in this clinic is to get the job done with as little stress as possible to the horses, cattle, and riders. 
Each day will be focused on horsemanship. Have your horse help you to open and close a gate, drag a log and enjoy lunch out on the trail. No experience is necessary. Limited to 10 riders.
Cost: $400 for the weekend. Includes dinner (Friday/Saturday), lunch (Saturday/Sunday) & cattle rental fee. 
$20 to audit.
Beth Chapman
Charlene Foley
Pat Wright
Michele Young
Michele Young
Sue Burkett
Sarah Whitcomb
Stalls/Paddocks are available:$25/night
Time: 9am  - 4:30pm
What can I expect? Lots and lots of fun! The goal is that you leave with an understanding of how to communicate better to your horse of what the goal is for the job at hand. (Note: If you don't feel comfortable riding out on the trail, you will be able to hand walk your horse everywhere we go) 

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