Stage 2 Horsemanship Clinics - July 3rd

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Following Glenn Stewarts Horsemanship Program:
The bare minimum any horse owner or rider should know is Stage 2. In a perfect world, Stage 5. – Glenn Stewart

$200/day, includes day stall & hand-out. Max of 6 riders.

Highlights of Stage 2 Savvy:

  • You start to put the 7 patterns to a purpose. 
  • His ground manners are great. He is willing, cooperative, calm, more confident, compliant, friendly and adaptable.
  • Send over jumps. Back through narrow spaces. 
  • Trailer Loading
  • Handling Feet
  • His attitude toward you is positive, responsive, confident and respectful.
  • Ride with an indepentent seat
  • Direct and Indirect rein positions
  • Cantering
  • Sideways under saddle

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